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Contribute to helping the oceans breathe again

If nothing is done, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050! To tackle this pollution, every single donation counts!

Our action depends directly on the financial support of our donors and partners.


Programme LEARN : Contributing to advancement of scientific knowledge

Many questions remain open about the scale and risks engendered by plastic pollution in our oceans. During our Odysseys, we are participating to the development of a better scientific understanding of oceans, plastic impact on maritime environment, and human health.

Support our research, key element in the fight against oceans pollution.





Programme SHARE : Uniting the general public around these problems

Our educational programme Titeuf and our travelling exhibition motivate both children and adults to adopt a better behavior in order to preserve our oceans.

We deploy our programme in schools or during our expeditions, through working groups with the help of our volunteers.

Help us make the greatest possible number of people aware of the importance of our oceans and support our actions among future generations.




Programme ACT : Implementing plastic waste-to-energy solutions

The growth of plastic wastes could become a fantastic economic opportunity! Built on the concept of circular economy, we aim to transform plastic waste to energy and to create virtuous social entrepreneurship. This model prevents plastic waste discharging into waterways while benefiting to local community which suffer from this ecological disaster.

Contribute our waste-to-energy projects and help us to implement our solutions against this scourge of the 21st century.



Your donation will be allocated to the programmes #LEARN, #SHARE and #ACT of the fondation. 

Thank you for specifying if you wish to participate to a programme in particular. 


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*Since Race for Water is a Swiss non-profit foundation, donations made in Switzerland are tax deductible in most cantons. A tax receipt will be sent in January for donations made to the Race for Water Foundation the previous year.